Vacation home mortgages: financing the home of your dreams
These days, a buyer can obtain a very attractive vacation home mortgage loan from stock brokerage firms. For instance, customers of Merrill Lynch can acquire .

Buying a second home: How to buy
If you don't rent it out regularly, so it's not considered an investment property, you can get the same mortgage rate that you would get on your primary house.

How To Afford A Second Home
Jun 17, 2011 . Saving enough to buy a vacation home involves some unique considerations . for the mortgage principal and interest, property taxes, homeowners insurance . It may be difficult to obtain financing for a vacation home in a .

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Buying a Vacation Home
Where do they get the money? A home-equity credit line drawn on their primary residence is a favorite source. Mortgage interest on a second home is deductible .

Qualify for an obtaining mortgage vacation home Loan

Compare Refinance Mortgage Rates

Mortgage | Vacation & Second Home Mortgage | Learn the Basics ...
Buying a second home or vacation home? . From your mortgage application to enjoying your new vacation property, Wells Fargo is . How can I get started?

MORTGAGES - Rethinking Vacation Homes -
Jan 7, 2010 . Prices are coming down in the second-home market, but how will the loan industry respond? . sometimes allow lenders to offer smaller mortgages on vacation homes to those . Housing and Real Estate Get E-Mail Alerts .

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How Do I Get Approved for a Mortgage for a Second Home? | eHow ...
Having a vacation home or a home in another area of the country is a dream for many people. Obtaining financing for a second home, however, is not an easy .

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Four Tips for Financing a Mortgage for A Vacation Property, A ...
Feb 12, 2012 . In many cases, getting a mortgage for a second home is similar to getting a mortgage for your primary home, but there are some differences.

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Obtaining a vacation home mortgage (credit, fees, refinance, bank ...
Oct 1, 2010 . Is it likely we will have difficulty obtaining a vacation home mortgage where the total of both payments, insurance, taxes and applicable maint .

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Vacation Homes vs. Investment Properties: Where Mortgage ...
Jul 22, 2011 . I learned a lot when my wife and I recently decided to buy a vacation/retirement home. I learned that in a really old house bedrooms don't .

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Vacation Home Survival Guide -
May 31, 2007 . If you are set on getting a vacation home but don't have the capital for an all-cash purchase, do not take a second mortgage on your home.

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Lenders Are Tougher On Second Home Loan Applications ...
Get an overview of the mortgage process, find out how much house you can afford, . Because the finances of a second-home buyer are, by definition, stretched .

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How to Buy a Second Home
May 27, 2012 . You'll find that the qualifications for a mortgage on a second home are a bit . of property for sale and how hard it is to get a loan at the moment.

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Buy a House: Buy a Vacation Home - Quicken Loans
Ready to buy your vacation home? . Most Popular Vacation Home Mortgage Loans . Get the same security of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, but pay your .


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Obtaining a Mortgage for a Vacation Home
Getting a mortgage may not be tough but try getting one for a vacation home. The terms and rates are a lot harder but there are certain options open to you if you .

15 Yr. Fixed
No Points
Low Interest
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  30 Yr. Fixed
No Points
Low Interest
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Vacation Home Deduction -- A Tax Guide - The Tax Byte
Technically, tax law says a "vacation home" is a dwelling you use for both: . Lender's fees: You deduct the expenses you pay to obtain the mortgage, such as .

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Buy a vacation home - Champion Realty Mortgage
Contact Champion Realty Mortgage: (410) 975-3300 . What should I consider before purchasing a vacation home? Show Details . How can I get started?

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